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52 project – Week 33, 2013

Big changes going on in our lives these days. My baby girl started preschool this week, and my dear son has done the amazing and is now completely out of diapers during the day. Where did my babies go? How did this happen?

Matilda was so excited about her first day of school. Fortunately for me, I got to come with her. And stay! Next week will be so hard on me. I feel like just screaming “Stop! I’m not ready!” But she is, which is all that really matters…  🙂

I’m so proud of my children. They’re turning in to these awesome persons and I feel so grateful for having them in my life. Matilda loves to draw and sends letters regularly to her friends and family. Henrik still loves his trains, and what always makes my day is watching my two children finding such joy in each other’s company. They both like to sing a lot and will make up funny songs and games to make even cleaning up seem like fun. Got to love that!

Here are a couple of pictures from our busy but fun 33rd week of 2013. Hope you’re all doing great!


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